Ticker: TICKET
Minted Date: 09/08/2022
Max Supply:
Decimals: 0


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After minting, all tokens were sent to rafflesocial's treasury.

Weekly 0.3% of the tokens held by the treasury will be withdrawn to be used in the following proportion:

- 30% Reserved for marketing actions.

- 70% Offered for sales to the community at the price of 0.005 ADA each.

More information about the current status of tokenomics can be seen at BeerHouse, Cexplorer or TapTools.


TICKET tokens can be bet in raffles. Each bet is transformed into a unique number generated automatically when the transaction is effected on the blockchain.
The number drawn will win the raffle prize.

All used TICKET tokens go back to the rafflesocial's treasury.

where do I find the TICKET token

Earn TICKET on vending machine, TosiDrop or BeerHouse Earns. This is eligible for:

- If you stake for a pool member of Single Pool Alliance

- If you have PINT in your Wallet.
Buy TICKET on muesliswap.


August / 2022

- Mint the TICKET token. ✅

- Beginning of the sale of tokens to the community ✅

- Start marketing airdrop strategies ✅

- Start of raffles managed by the team rafflesocial
In Development

- Start of raffles managed by the authorized partners

-Open to the community also make raffles too

-New partnership to other communities to airdrop strategies.